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OneSteel Recycling operates from over 40 locations spread throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand and India, supplying processed quality ferrous and nonferrous recycled metal to steel mills, the foundry industry, domestic copper, brass, lead and aluminium industries and is a significant exporter of ferrous and non ferrous recycled raw materials. It is Australia's largest and fastest growing metal recycling company.

Our typical shredder installations represent world's best practice, with computer controlled power saving drive control and unique Eddy Current Separation systems to maximize the metallic yield.

OneSteel Recycling nonferrous equipment includes several high output baler installations producing wire tied internationally sized bales of nonferrous scrap to minimize container freight costs and reduce unloading time at customer's premises. Nonferrous scrap handling is also enhanced with a range of shears, croppers, balers, cable strippers, producing product to exacting ISRI specifications. Highly trained and experienced personnel adopting world's best practice ensure these rigid specifications are adhered to.

OneSteel Recycling handles a complete range of copper, aluminium, lead, zinc and nickel bearing scrap.

Quality assurance throughout the Group is achieved by adherence to ISO 9002.

Under the control of a Group Safety Manager, safety is maintained by continually upgrading Safe Operating Procedures and benchmarking within OneSteel Recycling and with similar industries.

Environmental best practice is achieved and managed by Divisional management through systems based on the international ISO 1400 standard controlled by a Group Environment Manager.

Recycling helps extend the life of the world's dwindling base metal resources. In addition to this, metal produced from recycling uses significantly less energy in the process than metal produced from virgin ores. This results in a significant reduction in the production of greenhouse gases.

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